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The Congress is the legislative branch of the federal government. It is composed of two houses. The upper house is the Senate. The lower house is the House of Representatives. A majority vote by both houses is necessary to pass a law. Every law concerned with taxation must originate in the House of Representatives. Representatives are elected by district.


Base Salary: $174,000

Term: 2 years
Vote for one

The national congressional candidates were asked: If elected, what are your top three priorities while in office?


Easton PA
D.O.B.: 1953
EDUCATION: PHD Engineering Science, (Civil Eng) Clarkson University; Masters of Science, (Civil Eng) Clarkson
OCCUPATION: Faculty Member - Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - Lafayette College
QUALIFICATIONS: Easton City Council 10 years; Faculty-Lafayette College 33 years; Fulbright Scholar-Uganda, Africa; Licensed Professional Civil Engineer; Veteran US Air Force; Qualified Expert in Federal Court in hydraulics and hydrology; Community Volunteer
RESPONSE: My first priority when elected is communication. I believe a representative to congress is a conduit of communication between congress and people. Second, I have a priority to restore trust and confidence in our government. Third priority is security and safety. Each citizen should be secure in their living and what is needed for basic needs like health, a clean environment and fair wages. I will listen, use my experience, expertise and professionalism and serve.

Bethlehem PA
D.O.B: 1955
EDUCATION: BA, Political Science, Suma Cum Laude, Moravian College; Juris Doctor at Law, Villanova Law School.
OCCUPATION: District Attorney of Northampton County
QUALIFICATIONS: District Attorney, 26 years; President of Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association; Testified numerous times before state and federal committees on issues of racial profiles, immigration, powers of the judiciary and gun issues.
RESPONSE: Affordable Health Care as a right; Banning the sale of assault weapons to the general public and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, children and the mentally ill; Equal pay for women; addressing student loan debt; Tax relief for middle class; Good paying jobs for middle class.

Allentown PA
D.O.B: 1957
EDUCATION: American University, B.A., 1978; The George Washington University Law School, J.D., 1982.
OCCUPATION: Attorney and law partner at Gross McGinley LLP
QUALIFICATIONS: First female solicitor of the City of Allentown (2015-2017); 35 year career as an attorney fighting for fairness, equal justice, and against corruption.
RESPONSE: I'm running for Congress to Fight for Families, and my top priorities are: establishing Medicare for all, so no family must choose between getting healthcare and putting food on the table; protecting Social Security at all costs, so no seniors face financial uncertainty after a lifetime of playing by the rules; and implementing campaign finance reform to get dark money out of politics and shift influence from the corporate class back to the working class.

Catasauqua PA
D.O.B: 1946
EDUCATION: Graduated from Temple University in 1972 with a major in cognitive psychology and a minor in political science; One year of medical training in the Army Special Forces (Green Beret)
OCCUPATION: Just retired from Lehigh County, investigating child abuse, to run for this office.
QUALIFICATIONS: Ran for Congress in 1992 and have been studying the issues ever since to prepare for this office. Published over 50 editorials on congressional issues in The Morning Call and Easton Express.
RESPONSE: 1) Balance the budget by going to a graduated income tax. Millionaires, billionaires and corporations need to begin paying their fair share of taxes. This will fund universal health care and all other needed programs. 2) Provide local manufacturers and farmers with federal opportunities to expand their businesses nationally and in the world. 3) Make the case to remove our dangerous incompetent president from presidential duties until the Mueller criminal investigation of him is complete.

Upper Macungie PA
D.O.B: 1969
EDUCATION: BS, Urban Leadership; Masters of Divinity, Theology and Philosophy; Doctorate, Public Policy
QUALIFICATIONS: I've spent my entire career as a movement builder for civil rights, advocating for equity in healthcare and education, with a proven track record of creating educational and economic opportunities for underrepresented communities.
RESPONSE: We need to pass Medicare for All ensuring access to quality healthcare that does not leave us job-locked, bankrupt, or burden businesses with skyrocketing premiums and administrative costs. We should invest in our children with universal preschool, setting them up for success in public school, and allow everyone the opportunity to pursue college with debt-free tuition. We must raise the minimum wage to $15 increasing consumer spending, stimulating our economy, and strengthening the middle class.

Lowhill Township PA
D.O.B.: 1960
EDUCATION: Graduate Catasauqua High School, 1978, and Moravian College, 1982
OCCUPATION: Executive Director at Lehigh Valley Active Life, a senior center in Allentown.
QUALIFICATIONS: Former District Administrator for Congressman Paul McHale (retired). Former Chairman Lehigh County Democratic Committee, 2 terms. I am a concerned citizen.
RESPONSE: Senior citizens need a champion for them to increase Social Security payments, lower drug costs, expand at-home care through Medicare, more senior housing and better transportation options. My focus in Congress will be to listen to senior citizens and help. Health care is too expensive with high deductibles. A Public Option insurance plan would lower rates and provide good coverage.
Student debt is too high. Lower interest rates and more funding for community colleges.


South Whitehall PA
D.O.B: 1956
EDUCATION: M.S. in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology, 1979; B.S. with Honors in Chemistry from Denison University, 1978
OCCUPATION: Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration and CFO for New World Aviation
QUALIFICATIONS: Almost 40 years of business experience in the private sector coupled with 4 years of legislative experience as a Lehigh County Commissioner
RESPONSE: I will use my almost 40 years of experience as a private sector businessman to bring a different approach to Washington. I will focus on supporting President Trump in the following areas: 1) Securing our borders, defunding sanctuary cities and stopping illegal immigration; 2) Strengthening our military and keeping our country safe; 3) Growing our economy and providing good paying jobs for Americans; 4)Protecting the 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens

Lowhill Township PA
D.O.B: 1971
EDUCATION: Emmaus High School, 1989; Penn State University, Attended OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Valley Preferred Cycling Center; Chairman, Lehigh County Board of Commissioners; Owner, Gold Medal Carwash; Owner, Great Bend Farm.
QUALIFICATIONS: Lehigh County Board of Commissioners, 2016-present. Chairman 2017 & 2018; Olympic Gold Medalist, Team USA, Captain, 2000; Olympic Silver Medalist, Team USA, Captain, 1996
RESPONSE: I will make sure the Constitution is upheld as the supreme law of the land and I will work to secure our border. We are a nation of immigrants, but also laws. Secondly, I will support efforts to roll back regulations. We need smart regulation, not added paperwork and bureaucracy. Finally, I will insist on a normal budget process and won't vote for continuing resolutions, which only serve to increase our record national debt.



The Pennsylvania General Assembly is the legislative branch of the State Government. It is composed of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives. A majority vote of both houses is required to pass a law.

Candidates for the state Legislature were asked the following:
If you are elected, what will be your top three priorities while in office?


Term: 4 years
Vote for one
Base Salary: $87,800


In Northampton County: City of Bethlehem (Northampton County portion), City of Easton. Townships of Bethlehem, Lower Saucon, Palme and Williams. Boroughs of Freemansburg, Glendon, Hellertown, North Catasauqua, Northampton, Stockertown, Tatamy, West Easton,and Wilson.
In Lehigh County: City of Bethlehem (Lehigh County portion), Townships of Hanover, Salisbury and Whitehall. Boroughs of Catasaqua, Coplay, Emmaus and Fountain Hill.


D.O.B.: 1962
EDUCATION: Graduate of Freedom High School; Bachelors ad Masters degrees from Villanova in Political Science, 1985.
OCCUPATION: State Senator, 18th Senatorial District
QUALIFICATIONS: Two 2 year terms in the House of Representatives, 1994-1998; Five 4 year terms in the Senate, 1998-2018; Prior to becoming a legislator, employed as Deputy Court Administrator for Northampton County from 1987-1993.
RESPONSE: I've worked tirelessly to bring property tax reform to homeowners. My bills include re-directing table game revenues to the Property Tax Relief fund, and a Senior Citizen's freeze. I've prime sponsored legislation creating an Independent Citizens Commission to redraw legislative and Congressional districts, and voter reforms allowing independents to vote in primaries. My restitution bill would make non-profit organizations, churches and other entities whole in the wake of fraud, theft, embezzlement and other crimes.

No candidate

In Northampton County: Townships of Allen, Bushkill, East Allen, Forks, Hanover, Lehigh, Lower Mt. Bethel, Lower Nazareth, Moore, Plainfield, Upper Mt. Bethel, Upper Nazareth and Washington. Boroughs of Bangor, Bath, Chapman, East Bangor, Nazareth, Pen argyl, Portland, Roseto, Walnutport and Wind Gap. Also parts of Monroe County


Stroudsburg PA
D.O.B.: 1971
EDUCATION: East Stroudsburg Area High School - 1988, graduated at age 16; King's College + BA; Communications 1992,graduated age 20; Widener University School of Law - 2003.
OCCUPATION: Mayor of Stroudsburg Borough, re-elected; Co-owner of The Charcuterie restaurant, Main St.
QUALIFICATIONS: Re-elected Mayor of Stroudsburg Borough; Stroud Area Regional Police Commission; Streets Committee; Codes Committee; Public Relations Committee; Advocate for our region.
RESPONSE: 1) Education/School tax reduction. Pennsylvania is the only state who does not take a severance tax towards education. The current majority votes against it. With this tax, we can have a real solution to school tax reduction instead of false promises we have heard for the last 16 years. This tax will help fund education while reducing taxes. 2) Living wages: Cut the Delaware loophole + lower corporate taxes. 3) Equity for all/women's rights.


Mt. Pocono Borough PA
www.Facebook/Scavello for Senate
D.O.B: 1952
EDUCATION: Theodore Roosevelt High School, Bronx N.Y.; City College of New York
OCCUPATION: State Senator
QUALIFICATIONS: State Legislator since 2002; Mayor of Mount Pocono 1994-1999; Chairman Monroe County Commissioners 2000-2002.
RESPONSE: School property tax reform; Need to change the method to help the senior citizen home owners; Roads and infrastructure: Make roads safer, especially in Northampton County with the growth of warehouses; Economic development; Redistricting voting districts.



Term: 2 years
Vote for one
Base Salary: $87,180

District 135
In Northampton County: City of Bethlehem (Northampton County portion); Township of Bethlehem (Part, Wards 2 and 3 [divisions 1, 2, and 3]).


Bethlehem PA
D.O.B: 1960
EDUCATION: 1978, Liberty High School; 1986, Lehigh University, B.A. in Government
OCCUPATION: State Legislator
QUALIFICATIONS: I am a hands-on legislator with a long record of service to our community, and I am a consistent advocate for reform in Harrisburg.
RESPONSE: I am proud of my record on environmental issues, and I am a strong supporter of education who agrees with Ben Franklin that "an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." I am the prime sponsor of HB 722 to create an independent citizens redistricting commission to draw legislative maps. This bipartisan legislation has been cosponsored by more than half of the House. The time to end gerrymandering is now.

No candidate

District 136
In Northampton County: City of Easton; Townships of Lower Saucon (Districts 03, 05, and 06), Palmer (Districts Eastern, Middle [Division 02] and Western) and Williams; Boroughs of Freemansburg, Glendon, Hellertown, West Easton and Wilson.

Vote for one


Easton PA
D.O.B.: 1956
EDUCATION: Easton Area High School,1975;, Moravian College, BA History & Political Science, magna cum laude1978, Lehigh University, MA History, . 1984,
OCCUPATION: Legislator
QUALIFICATIONS: State Representative, 1982-1994, 1998-present; Democratic Chairman, House Local Government Committee; authored Elm Street Act to revitalize older neighborhoods; expertise in smart growth, farmland preservation, urban revitalization.
RESPONSE: 1) Enact redistricting reform establishing a non-partisan commission to draw state legislative and congressional districts to end partisan gerrymandering. 2) Enact my legislation to have the State Auditor General audit the finances of the General Assembly to ensure transparency and accountability. 3) Enact my legislation to establish tutoring programs in all school districts where juniors and seniors would tutor elementary school students to improve academic performance.

No candidate

District 137
In Northampton County: Townships of Forks, Lower Mt. Bethel, Palmer (Part, Districts Middle [[Division 01], Upper Easton and Upper Western), Upper Mount Bethel, Upper Nazareth and Washington; Boroughs of Banger, East Banger, Nazareth, Portland, Roseto, Stockertown and Tatamy

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D.O.B.: 1983
EDUCATION: Southern Lehigh School graduate 2000; B.S. University of Pittsburgh 2004
OCCUPATION: Small business owner, Cozze Cakes
QUALIFICATIONS: Successful small business owner, Board member of the Nazareth Business Council; Public Policy Liaison for the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce; Emerge PA 2018 Alumnae; Active Community partner; Mother of two boys.
RESPONSE: Reduction of school taxes and funding of public education and healthcare by enacting the Natural Gas severance tax. Raising the minimum wage, and supporting an equal and prevailing wage across the state. Healthcare reform, to make it more accessible, affordable and effective.


Upper Nazareth Township PA
D.O.B.: 1970
EDUCATION: Bangor High School,1989; B.A. Lycoming College, 1993: Master of Education, Kutztown 1999
OCCUPATION: State Representative - 137th Legislative District.
QUALIFICATIONS: Serving my 4th term as State Representative; Township Supervisor, 4 years + Board Chairman 2 years; 18 years as a High School Economics/American Government teacher.
RESPONSE: Throughout my service, I have met regularly with the people I serve to fully understand their priorities and concerns. That means controlling spending to protect taxpayers; helping create jobs to provide economic security for families, and supporting record investment in our schools to ensure a bright future for our children, I stood with residents to stop the Governor's massive tax increases; pass pension reform to save billions; and address issues important to our local community.

District 138

In Northampton County: Townships of Bethlehem (Wards 01, 03 [Division 04] and 04), Bushkill, East Allen, Hanover, Lower Nazareth, Moore (Districts Eastern and Point Phillips) and Plainfield; Boroughs of Bath, Chapman, Pen Argyl and Wind Gap.

Vote for one


D.O.B.: 1953
EDUCATION: Graduated Liberty High School, 1971; B.A. History, Moravian College, 1975; M.Ed. Lehigh University, 1980; Ed.D. University of Pennsylvania, 2009
OCCUPATION: Retired Public school teacher and administrator.
QUALIFICATIONS: Member - Bethlehem Area School District Board of School Directors; Trustee + Northampton Community College; President + Five Star Heard Project; Member + Steering Committee, South Side Vision 20/20
RESPONSE: Jobs/Economy + Good paying jobs that sustain a family and career, make Pennsylvania an enticing place for companies and industries to locate and thrive and provide them with a well educated, hard working, dedicated workforce. Education + The fair and equitable funding of public schools, Charter School reform; Environment + Protect open spaces and farmlands to maintain agriculture as an industry, support the health of the citizens and to provide opportunities for recreational and sporting activities.


No reply


Vote for two Males, two Females and one of either Gender

LESLIE M. ALTIERI (Bethlehem Township) Female
APRIL NIVER ( Easton) Female
CLYDE THOMAS (Bethlehem City) Male
RICH WILKINS (Palmer) Male
ALEXANDER BRYAN ALTIERI (Bethlehem Township) Male
MICHAEL LAWS (Bethlehem City) Male
BECKY WAMSLEY (Bethlehem City) Female
BLANDINE MBALLA +FONKEU (Forks Township) Female
TALBA SULTANA (Easton) Female

Vote for three Males and three Females

MARY T. BARKET (Nazareth) Female
CRAIG L. DeFRANCO (Roseto) Male
RON ANGLE (Upper Mt. Bethel) Male
LINDA GERSENGER STUBITS (Upper Nazareth Township) Female
GLORIA LEE SNOVER (Bethlehem Township) Female
BOB KILBANKS (Lower Mt. Bethel) Male
GLENN GEISSINGER (Plainfield Township) Male
JOHN BROWN (Bangor) Male
TONY SI MAO (Bethlehem City) Male